Business Intelligence Group (BIG)


The BIG team

The BIG team

In Fall'16 I was part of a group of determined students called BIG. We had a client called ICON who wanted to set up a Knowledge Management Platform for themselves. This project was very interesting as I working with students with a very diverse skill set. I was assigned the role of a UI/UX expert within the team. 

This project helped me immensely in understanding how things work in a corporate structure, how to present my ideas in a way that could be understood and accepted by the team. We also did market research and conducted field interviews which were very novel experiences for me.

Working on this project helped me in improving my UX Research skills immensely. I was required to interview people who did not know what a Knowledge Management Platform was. Eliciting requirements from them and observing the employees in their workplace turned out to be challenging and fun at the same time. By the end of this project, I had conducted about 14 requirement gathering interviews and 8 User Studies. 


  • Analyse existing KM platforms in the market
  • Market Research of the options available
  • Conduct requirement gathering interviews and user studies
  • Give presentations to the client
  • Helping in setting up the platform and making the user manual