Student Union Vice President


Being a VP involved A LOT of speeches

Being a VP involved A LOT of speeches

I was appointed as the Vice President of the Student Union after elections wherein 3000 students voted. Running an election campaign was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. Winning the election was just an added bonus. 

But this also meant that I was responsible for protecting the interests of about 300 students which is scary and amazing at the same time. I organized various events and seminars in the college while I held this post. I organized various technical workshops for the betterment of my fellow students and some career guidance seminars as well.

The most important part of this job was organizing the annual technical festival of the college called "GTU Techfest".  I led a team of 100 students for the successful completion of this event. Leading such a large team helped me in improving my "people skills". The most important skill that I picked up over here was the art of saying no nicely which has been my best ally till date. 

Along with the techfest, I also organized a cultural event called Verve. This event proved to be challenging as I underestimated the workload and formed a smaller team than the requirement suggested. But I made it work and delivered a great event. 



  • Organizing events, seminars, and workshops
  • Delivering speeches and addressing relevant problems faced by the students
  • Developing websites and graphics for the event
  • Forming team, making tasks and checking up on the progress
  • Managing funds