Microsoft Student Partner (ID:2014/593)


In 2014, I was given the honor of being a Microsoft Student Partner(MSP) after a rigorous selection procedure which included delivering a seminar on Azure, making a Microsoft App and attending some Microsoft courses. 

Being a MSP was an incredible learning experience. Not only did I get to meet tech-minded from all over the world but I also learned lots of new technologies including Microsoft Kinect which proved to be pivotal for my career. 

I also got the opportunity to organize seminars in places which had never seen a computer before. It filled me with great joy to watch them learn how to operate a computer and do simple tasks with them. 


  • Run workshops and hackathons
  • Host tech events and give demos on campus
  • Work alongside Microsoft professionals, assisting them during hackathons and events
  • Join exclusive Microsoft training events to learn the latest technologies
  • Grow and nurture a community of students and faculty on-campus and online
  • Introduce Microsoft technologies to people